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Bar Management
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Drives sales into your buisness
Know your Brand, Ethos and Unique Selling Points
Improve your own or your Managers skill set
Getting better performance out of your staff
Customers spending more money per head in your establishment or workplace
More bums on seats in your business
Your business to start throwing events that drive new and existing traffic
To know which items you sell make you the most profit
How to cost a food menu
How to cost a drinks menu
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6SixHospitality Consultancy

Do you want:

Your business to make more money?

To succeed in that interview for a Senior Role in hospitality?

To know your Brand, Ethos and Unique Selling Points?

To improve your own or your Managers skill set?

To get better performance out of your staff?

Customers spending more money per head in your establishment or workplace?

More bums on seats in your business?

Cost a food menu?

Cost a drinks menu?

Learn more about linking with suppliers?

Your business to start throwing events that drive new and existing traffic?

To know which items you sell make you the most profit?

New seasonal menus but are too scared or busy to update your current ones?

You are in the right place!

Our Mission

We deliver the best in training, knowledge and experience to allow your business to succeed

Our Vision

Train – Grow – Mentor – Succeed

Ask Yourself…

Are you doing the classics?

Classics are classics for a reason. Because they are classic. How did they become classic? Because they work! In your food and beverage business on a reoccurring weekly basis there should be a time where your are doing AT LEAST one if not all of the following to increase both business and spend per head.

  • Early Bird Option.

  • Happy Hour.

  • 2 for 1 deals.

All these should be scheduled when you have low traffic into the business, or you are experiencing low revenue points in the business. When you have the above deals in play you will find quantity of purchase increases, while customer satisfaction increases because they are receiving more bang for their buck.

The art of the Upsell

Which member of your staff sold the most of your most profitable product last month? Why are they selling more of this product than the other members of staff? Have they been rewarded for being a top performer? Are all staff aware to upsell to the customer is necessary? Is your business littered with tacky POS upsells that customers read 1% of the time? Do you have interesting weekly, monthly and seasonal deals that customers cant help but have a try?

Good signage for daily specials is important, of cores. But you could have all the signs, banners, posters and graphics in the word, the true art of the upsell is all going to come from the passionate members of staff! Teaching staff the art of the upsell is easy, product knowledge + confidence = upsell conversions. Getting members of staff to upsell time and time again is the difficult piece of the puzzle. Incentives and rewards, identification and praise to raise staff morale will directly impact product up sales immediately.

Identifying and marketing of USP’s?

So many businesses have cool, quirky, fun and completely unknown selling points that you don’t have a clue about unless you for some reason take time out of your busy day to walk in and find out! Do you know all of your businesses unique selling points? Or is it doing exactly what the establishment down the road is doing? If so you need to create at least 3 USP’s that you offer above and beyond the normal run of the mill business and let the people know why they cant refuse to give you a try!

Ok we have it, you sell the best cocktails in town, you have the most famous chicken wings on the block and all your staff dress as chickens when at work. That’s a unique selling point alright! How do you let the people know that you are the only place they can spend their hard earned cash this month?

The most cost effective way at current is tapping into the Social Medias of Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter …….

Building a consistent stream of cool, clean, brand specific marketing. Targeted in this case at customers that have not been spending in your business is a sure way to introduce new custom to your business and increase sales immediately.

Apply exceptional hospitality mentality to your staff

This is the golden rule! These people apply everything that is important to your business not only being successful but being open. Quality, customer satisfaction, health and safety, friendliness, upsell, marketing etc. You need to recognise team building and recruiting the correct staff is THE MOST important thing you can do to begin making more sales within your business. Business for me is like sports, in sports the teams with the best players win, the same applies within business. If you find yourself hiring to fill an empty position because a member of staff left you to have the business model set up incorrectly. You should be hiring to make a difference, to bring in the best people with the best attitudes. Skills can be taught whether it is cocktails, cooking, mopping, hosting, entertaining. All can be trained into the staff, exceptional attitude and hospitality cannot be taught or trained. Put your business in a place where you begin to Recruit for attitude, and train the skills. To begin to apply the exceptional hospitality mentality immediately you need to begin to reward your keep players, your top performers and you go to guys with incentives, bonuses and congratulations. Identifying the weak links in the chain that are causing the poor performance, bad attitude, substandard service, and begin the recruitment process to add more key players into the team. Always remember your bottom line is your frontline any competitor can imitate or undercut any marketing campaign you plough your budget into, however they can’t copy great attitude and exceptional hospitality mentality

Forecast, forecast and execute

Knowledge is power and power is well.. Money. To increase your sales to existing costumers reward them with supplying them with the best entertainment, music, sporting events, seasonal deals, pre partys, after partys, theatre offers, food deals, drinks deals ect. If nothing’s on there is a much smaller chance of the customer leaving the warmth of there own home to drink or dine in your business. Using all news, surrounding events, customer knowledge get the base forecast down then flesh it out with well targeted fun, fruity deals that your customer will love! That coupled with staff showing the exceptional hospitality mentality will increase customer satisfaction intern increasing customer loyalty, increasing customer frequentation, increasing sales!

Here is a Taste of what is to follow, so dive in!

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