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Homeworkers Mental Health Toolkit

Discover the keys to wellbeing in the age of digital and remote homeworking.
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Discover the keys to wellbeing in the age of digital and remote homeworking
Achieve a better balance and take control of your mental health and wellbeing whilst working from home
Feel more focused and productive
Better balance between work life and home life
Feel better equipped to support your team
Feel in control of your mental and physical wellbeing
Establish a more positive culture of mental health in your workplace


This 12 step programme will help you take control of your mental health. Discover the keys to wellbeing in the age of digital and remote homeworking.

More people are working remotely than ever before. In fact, studies suggest that there has been a 28% increase in homeworkers over the last decade. In 2020 almost half of the UK workforce worked at home.

Thanks to better tech, shifting organisational cultures, and businesses adapting to the next generation of employees, working from home is now encouraged across a range of industries.

However, it comes with plenty of challenges – many of which are linked to mental resilience. Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing while working from home is key to a successful, happy life – but it isn’t easy.

Our Mental Resilience Toolkit for Homeworkers features 12 modules which explore the challenges faced by homeworkers. The course can be taken at your leisure and will provide actionable steps to help you lead a happier life.


You’ll often hear people say that they can get far more done at home compared to the office. And, while that might be true, it isn’t always quite that simple. Achieving a healthy balance, with an appropriate space between work life and home life, can be very difficult.

Loneliness, isolation, lack of motivation, lack of routine, lack of connection, and unsuitable working conditions can cause real problems. For some people these issues can lead to symptoms of mental ill-health.

If you’re working from home while your partner has to deal with everything else, that can lead to significant strains on your relationship. Your partner may not understand why you seem to have less time for the family, causing friction that wasn’t there previously.

You may even find that you argue with your family more, which adds to the stresses of work and feelings of unhappiness.

Those who balance working from home with occasional days in the office may also find that they experience a disconnect with their team and, as a result, lower levels of productivity.


Unless you’re lucky enough to have lots of space at home, you’ll probably find that home working results in less space for the rest of the family. This can create distractions for both parties and fuel anger towards one another which, of course, you’ll all later regret.

So, is the solution to simply go and work at the local coffee shop? While this may help, the challenges faced in those locations (for instance, poor internet connectivity and noisy or chaotic environments) may prove even more problematic.

If any of these challenges resonate with you, you’ll probably also be familiar with the feeling of being completely exhausted by the time the evening comes around. This may result in you shutting down physically and emotionally from your partner and/or family, putting a strain on your relationship.

Working from home under so much stress and pressure can result in:

  • feelings of helplessness;

  • chronic stress;

  • relationship problems; and

  • complete breakdown.


Good mental health is not just the absence of diagnosed mental health problems – although good mental health and wellbeing will help protect against the development of many such problems.

A person experiencing good mental health and wellbeing will be able to fulfil a number of key areas of life. For example:

  • coping with and managing uncertainty and change

  • forming and maintaining good relationships with others

  • feeling, expressing, and managing a range of positive and negative emotions

  • learning new skills

  • developing resilience

It’s important to note that, if you have existing mental health issues, working from home can be a very positive experience, but it can also exacerbate those issues.

Regardless of your mental health, it’s easy to inadvertently adopt avoidance behaviour while working from home. This course will help you identify when you’re slipping into this trap and provide simple, actionable steps to lead a more productive, happy life. It’ll also give you the knowledge needed to spot potential mental health issues among those around you.

Our course is designed to help you lead a happier, healthier life, irrespective of your circumstances.

It does this by looking at all of the above and a number of other fundamental principles of good mental health and wellbeing.

The course contains 12 modules each containing video content, activities and exercises, and other downloadable resources.

You can take the course whenever is most convenient for you and revisit each module in the future, if you need to. All you need is a device (a laptop, smartphone or tablet will do), an internet connection, and a little bit of your time. We think it’s worth the investment, and we’re confident you’ll agree.


Our Mental Resilience Toolkit is perfect for people of all ages, occupations, and backgrounds. Whether you’re working from home full time or part time and balancing the responsibilities as a parent, carer, employee, or running a multi-national firm from the board table; it’ll help you lead a happier life.

With so much pressure to ‘do it all’ these days, having the right support in place is vitally important. Our course will reveal what support you might need and help you find it.

Are you putting on a mask and simply getting on with life by squashing down your feelings? You’re not alone, and any assumed vulnerabilities are not weaknesses. Recognising you need some help is the first step towards a happier, more balanced life.

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