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How to organise successful events

Event management course helping turn accidental, occasional and new event planners into skilled events professionals
Chris Powell, The Event Expert
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Design events your customers or visitors actually want using objective setting to guide your events planning
Create and design an event that excites your audiences
Effectively project plan and budget your events
Be able to select, contract and work with great contractors and suppliers
Search, evaluate, select and site plan your perfect venue
Design a great event programme that delivers excitement and behaviour change
Increase your event sign up rates by creating effective event promotional plans using on and off line media
Construct accurate operational plans to help you set up and run your events
Deliver safe, well run and risk assessed events
Lead, motivate and brief your event day teams
Obtain feedback and evaluate the effect of your event
And of cause know...that YOU can design and deliver successful and rewarding events: packed full of great takeaway memories.
  • Do you already run or are thinking of running events?   

  • Do you want to know the ‘how to’ of confidently creating and producing great events?  

  • Have been given an event to run and don’t know where to start?         

  • Do you already run events and want to get a better return on your time, effort and money investment?

  • Are you or your organisation looking to use events as a great way to build an audience, public awareness and sales

  • Are you serious about becoming a super effective event planner? 


Online event management How to organise successful events course: Introduction  

Events play an ever-increasing and important part of our everyday lives. We love our events! They can encompass anything from festivals and conferences to food and craft fairs to parties and celebrations. Events are also a tried and tested method for businesses and organisations to market themselves and generate sales.    

Here’s the tricky bit:

Events, like many things in life, seem in essence quite simple things but are in fact, a little more difficult to actually deliver. Creating memorable and crucially rewarding events when visitor expectations are so high – is no easy task. Designing, planning and producing events is a bit like directing a live stage show. Unlike a show though: there is usually no dress rehearsal or full run through and once started – no second chances.  

But the truth is:

My experiences have shown me that you can all be great event managers, with a little of the right kind of help and a ‘can do’ attitude.  

So on my on line event management course – ‘How to organise successful events‘ I am going to teach you everything I know about the ‘how to’ of organising great events and so give you the skills and confidence to run events…in just a few hours.

  Course Outcomes: you will learn how to: 

  • design events your customers or visitors actually want using objective setting to guide your events planning   

  • create and design an event that excites


  • effectively project plan and budget your events


  • select, contract and work with great contractors and suppliers


  • search, evaluate, select and site plan your perfect venue   

  • design a great event programme that delivers excitement and change   

  • increase your event sign up rates by creating effective event promotional plans using on and off line media   

  • construct accurate operational plans to help you set up and run your events   

  • deliver safe, well run and risk assessed events   

  • lead, motivate and brief your event day teams


  • obtain feedback and evaluate the effect of your event   

And of cause know that YOU can design and deliver successful and rewarding events: packed full of great takeaway memories.   

The course   

The Event Expert ‘How to organise successful events’ is a high content course designed to give you a good understanding of how to run successful events. You will get clear, logical, easy to follow advice that you can implement straight away.  

You will also get high quality course materials which include:  

  • A 30+ page reference material – jammed packed with additional materials   

  • A course workbook of activities to help you try out your new found learning   

  • Various event planning templates – so you don’t have to create your own   

  • A selection of subject specific articles to help embed the learning   

  • Access to my unique 7-step event planning process. NB: It’s the same one I use to run my own events. I have been      designing, planning and delivering events for the past 20+ years.   

I know events are no soft option. However with the right kind of help and a positive attitude, I believe we can all be great event managers. This course will certainly set you up nicely to enter the wonderful world of events planning!


The truth is: I  Knew nothing about events when I was asked to run my first event.  I learnt quickly and happily survived. I think you will too.  

Who is this ‘How to organise successful events’ course for?  

This on line event management course is specifically for:   

  • New event managers who have no or little actual events experience or formal training.

  • Anyone who has been given an event to organise or been asked to help plan and deliver an event.

  • Anyone who has already tried events before but found they have not quite delivered.

  • Anyone who wants to know how to run a successful event

  • Anyone who is seriously considering a career in events

  • Anyone who is already involved in events but wants to take the next step up to become the event manager    

So, if you are an employee or are doing this voluntarily for a charity, community group, club, association, school, college or interest group this course will give you a full understanding of the ‘how to’ of successful event planning.

It is suitable for all types of public and business events.   

Please note: This course is for those serious about developing their event planning skills. It is a very comprehensive: concept to completion and every step in between ‘how to’ course based on my 20+ events of practical events management experience. It is for those who genuinely think events could be their thing: either professionally or as a volunteer event manager running events for your favourite course or charity.

It is not suitable for experienced professional event planners but, would be a very helpful reminder of the fundamentals of successful event planning or for those who have had no formal event management training.   

Course duration  

I would recommend you set aside about 8-10 hours to review the presentations, watch the videos, read the accompanying blogs and reference manual and complete the quizzes and exercises.   

Or if time is precious: you could try and set aside an hour at a time and complete a module a day? The choice is yours  

 Your tutor, Chris Powell, The Event Expert

Chris Powell is Director of The Event Expert. Chris has been designing, planning and delivering events for 24 years. In that time he has been a local authority events manager and events director of a range of events and festivals, as well as helping a variety of organisations to deliver their events – as a freelance events manager and consultant.

For the past 19 years he has also been helping clients from the world of business, exhibitions, education, sport, the public and charity sector, training, tourism, creative agencies and festivals develop the ideas, skills and confidence to go it alone: run their own events. He specialises in providing in-house and on line events training and consultancy services to accidental, occasional and professional event managers across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. His clients include some very well-known names. He’s an in demand event specialist.

With some 500 events successfully completed and over 4500 events managers trained, it’s safe to say that there is not much Chris doesn’t know about the ‘how to’ of successful events.

He is a regular blogger on all things events, a speaker and author of two event planning books. Work with or listen to Chris and you will get clear, logical and easy to follow advice based on his 20+ years of practical events management experience. He does indeed practice what he preaches.

He is not somebody who once ran an event or never ran an event and thinks they can now write a authoritative course on planning an event.  He has successfully completed over 500 events and taught over 5000 events managers: it’s safe to say that there is not much Chris doesn’t know about the ‘how to’ of successful events. His client list is testimony to that.

Here are some recent testimonials for this on line course

This is exactly what I need!! It was full of details and practical steps. This course is broken down in an order that makes sense and is doable for any type of event.

It contains valuable information, clear explanations, helpful practice activities and delivered by an engaging and very knowledgeable instructor


Detailed, lots of advice from the real world, tons of information. Can’t wait to put it into practice. Thanks for your time and energy to put this together.


I am so glad I came across this course! Great explanations Chris made it very clear by the way he organised the lessons. Thank you, this helped a lot!


I have really enjoyed this course! Filled with useful information, detailed, and extremely helpful.


I’ve been organising events for a few years now, but I haven’t come across any course which was more applicable to my everyday work than this. I loved that it systematically goes through every stage of the event management process with a really practical approach. Whether you are an experienced event manager or just starting it’s a perfect choice. I can definitely recommend it.


An extremely helpful events course.


I found the course extremely helpful. I have learnt things I never knew before. The workbook provided during the course is great for taking notes and the reference manual is full of so much useful information about everything you need to know. I have kept a copy of both for myself to refer back to when I need a bit of guidance. I really liked the fun test at the end of the course to the quiz after module 8. I fully enjoyed the blog posts, I especially liked reading about Chris’s own personal experiences. I particularly liked the blog titled ‘ is finding the perfect venue really such a big deal’. I believe reading about his personal experiences as an event manager really helps understand all aspects in organising an event. I will recommend the course to anyone who is truly interested in the events industry.   

Gemma Rolfe


Jam packed full of information that is really useful, relevant and reliable   

“WOW! What a comprehensive course, I found it jam packed full of information that was really useful, relevant and reliable. The course literally covers everything a new event manager could possibly need to know in a simple and easy-to-understand manner with the course elements covered in a logical and common sense order which helps it flow easily. I like the way the way you have used a combination of narrated presentations, PDF’s and fun aspects like the quiz / survey at the end, this makes it varied and interesting to read. With so much information to take in, the individual slides are simple, easy to digest and absorb. The ‘visual’ of where you are in the course in the left hand side column is helpful and useful to keep track with. If you are thinking of or new to events, this course is a must do!”   

Louisa Brown   

Here are words that have been used to describe me taken from recent in-house course evaluation and testimonials are:

Creative, personable, expert, very keen attention to detail, enthusiast, inspiring, passionate, engaging, funny, relaxed, captivating, incredibly knowledgeable, meticulous, real can do approach, really really…knows events, practical, excellent communicator, approachable, has a wealth of event experience!  

Course completion certificate?   

When you complete 100% of the course, you will be emailed a certificate of completion by Udemy so you can show it as proof of your expertise and that you have completed a certain number of hours of instruction in the course topic.   

Your 100% No-risk Money back guarantee
The course comes with a Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed. I really do believe that you will find the course incredibly helpful as you seek to learn the event planning ropes but should you not: You can have your money back. No questions asked.

Interested? Want to learn to be a great be an events manager? Then don’t delay sign up now…it could be the start of something very special   

PS: Imagine having the confidence to run your own events? To lead or be part of an event planning team organising charity, arts and sports events: exhibitions, shows and fares, parties and celebrations and know you did yourself…with a little help from someone who started…just where you did – knowing nothing about events!  

Go on: give it a go: events really could be your thing!

Thank you!   

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