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Japanese Quick, delicious, healthy home cooking w/8 recipes

Make standard dishes time-saving & exquisite with "Yakuzen Tsukurioki", [Hottoku-ni] makes your daily cooking easy & fun
・ How to make yakuzen that eliminates cooking time and hassle, and frees you from the guilty feeling of omission
・ How to make yakuzen that are quick, delicious, and healthy
・ 5 recipes and how to make arrangements
・ How to eat plenty of vegetables deliciously and reasonably

Free yourself from the guilt of cooking time, hassle, and omissions! Make your standard dishes time-saving and exquisite by utilizing “Yakuzen Tsukurioki”, which was born from the theory of yakuzen and kasane-ni. Just cut it, stack it, put it on low heat, and leave it alone! [Hottoku-ni] makes your daily cooking easy, fun and delicious!

Course content

〈Do you have such a problem?〉

・ It is a burden to cook every day.

・ Want to make delicious and healthy meals even if you are busy.

・ Feel guilty about omissions and takeouts.

・ Want to have more variation on recipes.

・Don’t have time to go to cooking classes.

→ This course is exactly for you!


You will learn and practice recipes like you are at a cooking class, you will know the theory and you will acquire these firmly.

As a privilege, PDF materials (text, 8 recipes, 5 days “Yakuzen Tsukurioki” utilization image list) are included.

Useful for reviewing and creating menus.

〈Outline of curriculum〉

Chapter 1: Introduction of the merits of “Hottoku-ni” that realizes delicious and healthy in a short time

Chapter 2: Lecture on making “Hottoku-ni”

Chapter 3: Arrangement recipe commentary (with recipe PDF) that makes standard dishes time-saving and exquisite

Aemono of green vegetables and seaweed

Nimono of Yaki-fu


Ketchup fried

Chapter 4: Summary of “Yakuzen Tsukurioki”


・ “Hotoku-ni” was a great cooking method that could make a week’s worth of arrangement recipes based on the basic “Kasane-ni”!

Recently, I used to make simmered dishes by imitating what I saw, but it’s best to learn this from a professional as soon as possible! (haha)

From the tips on how to cut vegetables, I learned a lot of things that are not written on the Internet, such as how to sprinkle salt, how long to cook, and criteria for completion!

“Hottoku-ni” has a sweet scent of vegetables and it is very sweet when we eat!

When I put a dash of soy sauce, it was delicious like I couldn’t stop eating it ♡ (ST, 30s)

・To me, “Tsukurioki” is meaning that make a large amount of foods and eat them in several days.

“Hottiku-ni” is a versatile dish that can be arranged and developed based on standard-dishes which is contrary to my expectation. I learnt that it can change to anything! (A ・ O 50s)

〈Not recommended for people described as below〉







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Japanese Quick, delicious, healthy home cooking w/8 recipes