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Learn Chinese by Chinese Idiom Stories for HSK 4 -HSK 6 V5

Enrich your Language using ​Chinese Idiom (proverb or set phrase)
David Yao
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Chinese Idiom
The real meaning of Chinese Idiom
How to use Chinese Idiom

Chinese Idiom (proverb or set phrase) is the long-established, concise, stereotyped phrase or phrase that people have used. Most of the Chinese idioms consist of four characters and they all have their origins. Some idioms are not difficult to understand in literal terms, such as “小题大做 Literally meaning is: small problem big do; which means: fuss of a trifle”  Some idioms must know the sources or allusions to understand their meanings, such as the “朝三暮四  Literally meaning is ” Morning three night four”, What is the real maeaning? Let’s we countinue our journey.


中华文化源远流长,博大精深,蕴涵 宽广,诸如科学、艺术、宗教、道德、法律、政治、经济、医药、社会制度等无一不包。中华文化历史悠久,历五千年而弥新。

Chinese culture, deriving its origins from the distant past, is broad profound and comprehensive. It covers all fields of human endeavor including science, art religion, law, Politics, morality, medicine and social system. Chinese culture. With a long, long history. Remains flourishing and thriving after weathering dynastic vicissitudes over 5,000 years.

现在学习汉语的读者遍及全球,鉴于海外读者居住于海外,广泛深入接触中华文化不易。 我们编撰了这套中华文化丛书,内容有关认识中国文字、语文、文化、中国历史故事以及唐诗欣赏、成语故事、儿歌、儿童诗等,文词深入浅出,简明易懂,适合各种程度的侨胞阅读。

Now Chinese learners scatter around all parts of the globe. Since most of them reside overseas, It is not easy for them to get an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture. To fill this gap, we compile this set of books “Learn Chinese by Culture Stories”. The contents cover a variety of topics including Chinese characters, language, culture, Chinese historical stories, and poems of Tang Chinese idiom stories children’s song and children’s poems. Written in plain language and easy to understand, the Library suits overseas Chinese with various levels of Chinese proficiency.

New version 2020 is out now!


Chinese-English bilingual

Detailed explanations and expansions 

Perfect for intermediate level learners 

Perfect for HSK 4-6

Perfect for IB Chinese

Perfect for IGCSE Chinese

Perfect for School extra readings

The details:

01 成语故事 Idiom story (5 books)

02 至圣先师孔子Confucius (5 books)

03 孟子的故事Mencius story

04 寓言故事Fables

05 民间故事Folk stories

06 唐诗欣赏Tang poetry appreciation

07 中国故事Chinese story …

08 史前中国Prehistoric China 

09 夏商周Xia Shang Zhou Dynasties

10 春秋时代Spring and Autumn Period

11 战国时代Warring States era

12 秦汉Qin and Han Dynasties

13 三国魏晋南北朝 Three Kingdoms Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties

14 隋唐五代 Sui, Tang Dynasties

15 宋辽金Song, Liao, Jin Dynasties

16 元明Yuan, Ming Dynasties

17 近代Qing Dynasties

18 现代Contemporary

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Learn Chinese by Chinese Idiom Stories for HSK 4 -HSK 6 V5