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Dao De Jing: Living with Ease

The Wisdom of Wu-Wei
Meijia Ling
31 estudiantes matriculados
Discover effortlessness and ease in life
Access the inner resources of mindfulness and deep contemplation
Grow stronger and wiser in the midst of a busy life
Make more conscious life decisions
Experience more open-heartedness and joy
Find empowerment to move towards your highest goals and deepest calling

The Dao De Jing is an ancient Chinese classic attributed to the 6th Century BCE sage, Laozi. The text is one of the most translated works of literature in the world. The insights contained within it are an inspiration for anyone seeking to live in harmony with nature and find inner liberation.

This course is designed to be experiential and self-reflective. Rather than simply giving you intellectual information on the Dao De Jing, our aim is to help everyone experience the profound state of mind that enabled texts like the Dao De Jing to be written in the first place.

This includes: 

– Recognizing our conditioning

– Examining our core beliefs

– Discovering our true nature

– Learning to move through life with more ease and effortlessness

​The course includes original translations by Mei, your course instructor, who studied Oriental Studies at Oxford and has been a practitioner of contemplative arts since childhood. As with all Intrinsic Wellness courses, students are invited to become the ‘living philosophers’ and to take your own lives as the real subject of study.

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Dao De Jing: Living with Ease
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