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De-escalation: A Winning Approach

Personal Safety in the Community
Julie Scott
12 estudiantes matriculados
How to stay safe while working alone
Self-defense techniques to keep yourself safe
De-escalation skills to deal with agitated people in the workplace
Assessments to do prior to any task
How to stay safe in the workplace
Behavioral cues that signal impending violence
Triggers for Agitation
Trauma Informed Care
How to interpret body language

In this course, you’ll receive a comprehensive review of de-escalation that will be supported by real, practical and relevant stories.

  • How to assess a situation for clues of danger

  • How to avoid violence in the first place by being proactive in your approach.

  • This includes avoiding triggers, scene and client assessment, and recognizing the clues of escalating behavior.

  • You will be given multiple examples of the techniques of de-escalation as well as tips on how to use each technique.

  • You’ll learn the DEFUSE technique to de-escalate a difficult situation.

  • You’ll go in depth with limit setting.

  • You’ll study body language and verbal communication.

  • You will learn how to de-escalate a person with dementia.

  • Causes for aggression will be discussed.

  • You’ll learn the difference between dementia, delirium and psychosis and how to assess someone’s perception.

  • I will give you clues to look for that someone is having a mental health crisis, and what to do if you recognize those signs.

  • You will learn how to keep yourself safe when working with other colleagues.

  • You’ll learn the difference between calling for your colleagues for help and calling for the police.

  • I’ll suggest what to do until help arrives.

  • I will guide you through keeping yourself safe when you’re working alone or if you’re in a rural setting.

  • We’ll talk about what reasonable force is and what authority you have to respond to an attack in Canada.

  • You’ll learn about weapons and what to do if your client has one.

  • And finally, I’ll discuss self defense techniques that you can use if you’re being attacked.

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De-escalation: A Winning Approach
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