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French for you, grammar B1-B2 and beyond

French grammar B1-B2, French course for a better written expression and oral comprehension. Cours de français.
French grammar, level B1-B2 according to the contents indicated by the CECRL
Through the numerous examples, the students will significantly improve their vocabulary.
Exercises and dictations will allow the students to improve their written expression.
Being entirely in French, the course will improve the listening comprehension of the students.

This video grammar course is based on the content indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for levels B1 and B2. But it is not a course only dedicated to candidates for these exams. In addition to the grammar aspect, there is a lot of emphasis on the acquisition of a new vocabulary, extending it to different and alternative contexts. What you learn can and should be used in real language.

It is a course that privileges examples over-rules and whose aim is to provide a useful tool for all those who wish to express themselves more freely and fully in French.

This course, entirely spoken in French, improves the level of listening comprehension. The written exercises and the 25 dictations added to the course also allow you to practice your writing.

Content of the lessons : 

1 Valeur et emploi des prépositions dans, sur, à, chez

2 Prépositions et adverbes de lieu première partie

3 Prépositions et adverbes de lieu deuxième partie

4 Verbes de déplacement

5 Verbes de déplacement (suite)

6 Pronoms interrogatifs

7 Formation des adverbes

8 Les temps composés et l’infinitif passé

9 La négation, approfondissement

10 Le discours indirect

11 Accord du participe passé avec avoir et les verbes pronominaux

12 Accord du participe passé, cas particuliers

13 Le subjonctif, formation et emploi

14 Le subjonctif et les constructions impersonnelles

15 Les phrases hypothétiques

16 Les pronoms relatifs simples et composés

17 Les doubles pronoms

18 Les pronoms EN et Y

19 Indiquer le temps, première partie

20 Indiquer le temps, deuxième partie

21 Gérondif, participe présent, adjectif verbal

22 Les adjectifs indéfinis

23 Les pronoms indéfinis

24 La forme passive

25 Le passé simple

26 L’opposition

27 Le but

28 La cause

29 La conséquence

30 La concession (1)

31 La concession (2)

32 La nominalisation des verbes

33 La nominalisation des adjectifs

34 Verbes et prépositions

35 Les mots de liaison

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French for you, grammar B1-B2 and beyond
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