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Improvise Puccini´s « E Lucevan le Stelle » on Piano

Learn Scales, Chords, Progressions, Notations, Composition and Improvisation on the Piano
You learn to use the three different minor scales.
You learn to construct chords onto a given scale.
You learn concepts of harmonic analysis of music pieces
You learn to use the Roman Numeral Notation for the ease of transposing songs.
You learn to understand the chord progression of one outstanding classical masterpiece.
You learn about the correlation between chord progression and emotions.
You learn how to construct musical forms and how to re-compose a musical piece.
You learn how to improve your improvisational skills

Harmony is the basis of composition and improvisation, band-playing, songwriting, musical interpretation and understanding the emotions of music.

  1. Analyze, play and Improvise the most famous dramatic Tosca aria « And The Stars Were Shining » (E Lucevan le Stelle) of the great Opera Composer Giacomo Puccini.
  2. Learn scales, chords and notations, progressions and their emotional repercussions, music structure and improvising techniques, all in one.
  3. Derive your own music from classical musical material.

The course shows you step by step the whole compositional process from the harmonic analysis of Puccini´s dramatic aria “And the Stars were Shining » through to your own personal improvised interpretation.

Th aria is well known for its induction of strong emotions. The aria´s chord progression which is shown in full detail during the course explains in depth these parts of high emotional arousal.

To meet the needs also of the advanced beginner there are introductory videos about the concepts of scales and chord-construction.

This course is designed especially for the enthusiast of classical and modern music who wants to improve his harmony knowledge and who wants to learn compositional and improvisational techniques.

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Improvise Puccini´s « E Lucevan le Stelle » on Piano
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