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Other Teaching & Academics
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The course deals with the Hindu Architecture or the Temple Architecture of India. Here you will be learning about how temples evolved and the diffe...
1.5 total hours
Other Teaching & Academics
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It’s a course dedicated to some popular middle eastern dishes . Not only will students get to experience dishes from all over Arabia, but also lear...
30 total mins
In this course, students will learn about the surah of the Holy Quran and basic information about the Holy Quran. This course includes a Video lect...
32 total mins
Other Teaching & Academics
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This course is designed for event management students to give an understanding of the role of the showcaller in corporate events and the critical r...
2 total hours
شرح الكتاب المشهور(تحفة الاطفال في تجويد القرآن للشيخ سليمان الجمزوري) باللغة العربية لأخذ القواعد الأساسية لتلاوة القرآن الكريم بالإضافة إلى التدر...
7.5 total hours
Other Teaching & Academics
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COURSE DESCRIPTION The course content is uniquely customized in a way to give each student who participates in this course the best skill orientati...
2.5 total hours
Other Teaching & Academics
Course overview Starting from the definitions of heritage and of intercultural dialogue, the course is aimed at giving the basis for understanding ...
2 total hours
1 total hour
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