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3-Meal Italian Food Course: Appetizer, Primo, Sweets

Learn how Italian eats in EATALY: Bake Grissini Bread, Make Pasta and Do Quick and Easy Italian Classical Sweet Tiramisu
Lai Ambor
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Appetizer: Bake Grissini
Knead a Grissini Dough
Primo: Italian Pasta Making
Easiest Method of Doing it in Actual
Kneading Dough
Quality of Ingredients
Finishing work at limited time framework
Understanding biological ingredients or biologico in Italian
Start your own homemade fresh pasta for personal reason.
Dolce: Making a Tiramisu Sweets
Knowing Mascarpone Cheese
Sell your Tiramisu to your friends and family.

Appetizer: Baking Italian Grissini Bread

Crunch that stick!

This course talks about how Italian loves to eat grissini before devouring prime course or primo. Italian loves to crunch that bread while waiting for their main dish. Grissini is best eaten with acciugha (small preserved fish in a container) or strachino, a soft white cheese.

Primo: Italian Pasta Making: The Easiest Method

Learn how to make a fresh pasta at home for your family and friends.

This course talks about making a fresh pasta. The method and the learning process is the easiest way to memorize by heart. Italians are known for putting health into priority so their mindset is always homemade and fresh. So, when they go to restaurant, they are proud to ask if the food they’re going to eat is fresh by saying “homemade”. Mostly , Italian restaurants will add on their courtesy upon ordering that “certain” food is fresh and homemade. This is their way of doing marketing on their restaurants whether it is osteria or trattoria. So, when you hear the word “homemade”, be glad, it means it’s fresh and good for health.

In this course, we are using all biological to maintain the freshness and homemade thing of pasta making. Il uova (the egg) is biologico in Italian or biological and “la farina” (the flour) is also biologico.

Hope you enjoy this Italian pasta making experience and hope you visit Italy. “Ci vediamo quando tu sei qui.” (See you when you are here).

Dolce: Quick and Easy Italian Classical Tiramisu Cake

A Glimpse of Northern Italy Dolce in Treviso, a city near Venice

This course is all about Treviso tiramisu and how to make it at home just like all Italians do. Italy is known for cheese, so, when they eat they have cheese as a appetizer, prime and second course, and now we have this sweet cheese incorporated in the cake that is common in the whole region of Italy. However, tiramisu was born in Treviso which signifies “tira” means pull, “mi” means me, “su” means up. Tiramisu means “pull me up” or “lift me up.”

Am I lifting you up?

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3-Meal Italian Food Course: Appetizer, Primo, Sweets