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Welcome to the World of Language without words Hospitality special Listen with your Eyes – Speak with your Hands No previous knowledge is nee...
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This course has been developed to assist International trained workers like you in the foodservice industry to learn how you can become e...
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ULTIMATE SKILLS in the hospitality industry is an very dominant aspect for speed up your process to getting hired soon, in fact it is extremely imp...
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Career Development
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This course is designed for Learners who are in the front line of Customer Service. The qualification will enhance the abilities to raise the bar a...
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If you are a driven Hotel Management student wanting to hear first-hand advice from a seasoned hospitality professional, this course is perfect for...
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No matter your background or origin, these lessons will help you to express yourself more like a Deaf person who signs naturally and fluently. To t...
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The art of lighting lamps has been in the culture of Hinduism for a period of more than 10,000 years. yes! this is the art if mastered can be used ...
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Study In Confidence with Dr Karen E Wells : Bestselling Instructor with over 71,000 Udemy students (over 43,000 students buying additional courses)...
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In this video e-course, you will get to know 25+ stories giving insightful lessons about leadership. As learning is in story format, it is easy not...
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This course is all about the Indian Masala Powders which decides the taste of many Indian recipes. This course helps you to make a high quality Ind...
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Career Development
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This course is all about the Indian basic gravies which will be the core of the Indian kitchen. This course helps you to understand the formula of ...
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This is a fundamental course on Indian (Vedic) Astrology and is based on Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology propounded by Prof. V. K. Choudhry of ...
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