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Learn Low Sodium Cooking Recipes for 1 TO 20 People

Create low sodium meals that have great appearance and taste! Prepare very low sodium entrees for family and guests!
Judy Craft
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Identify sources of unexpected sodium
Prepare delicious low sodium meals for 1 to 20 people
Have prepared food in the freezer for quick awesome meals and snacks
Discover how to prevent freezer burn
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Learn Tips that will help to significantly lower your sodium intake! This course provides information on where sodium hides, how to create low sodium dishes for 1 – 20 people, have prepared dinners for your family in your freezer, and how to spice up entrees using items naturally low in sodium!!

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a condition that requires lowering sodium levels? Have you struggled to understand how to cook low sodium meals? Have you tried to lower your sodium levels only to see small changes instead of the big drops you had hoped for? Do you feel like there is too much information on the internet about sodium, but not the information you need to create a good meal plan? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place! 

In this course, I’ll provide the basics you’ll need to create delicious low sodium meals for 1 to 20 people and some recipes to get you started. This course will provide the information you need to start your journey to becoming a low sodium chef when entertaining a group of friends or family gatherings! Judy, The Sodium Attacker, is always looking for ways to reduce sodium and keep the flavor!. You will become the sodium attacker for your family.

Upon completion of this course, you will learn:

  • Where sodium hides

  • Why it is critical to read food labels, and what you can learn

  • Items that should be banished from your kitchen

  • Which spices, baking ingredients, canned foods, fresh foods, and condiments are low sodium, and where to purchase them

  • How to prevent freezer burn

  • How you can have a freezer full of prepared low sodium meals to choose from – (we can’t purchase them at our grocery store)

  • How to prepare many low sodium Entrees, Dips, and Appetizers

  • What low sodium goodies we can dip in the dips

  • Low sodium cooking DOES NOT have to be bland

  • There is low sodium cheddar cheese for us to enjoy – by its self, an appetizer, or on some of the recipes in this course

Recipes for Dips and Appetizers

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Onion Soup Blend – (less than 3 mg sodium per Tablespoon) vs Lipton at 610 per Tablespoon

    • Includes making 3 dips at less than 56 mg per half cup

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Chicken Salad – Sandwiches , Appetizers, or serve on a bed of lettuce

    • 4 cups 406 mg sodium – 1 cup less than 102 mg – 1 Tablespoon for appetizer less than 7 mg sodium.

  • Lecture for Fruit Salad – Side, Desert, or Appetizer – Less than 3 mg sodium per serving

  • Lecture with goodies to dip and a list of vegetables with their sodium count

Recipes for meals, sides, spices, additions to entrees, and entrees

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Salsbury Steak – 106 MG sodium per serving

  • Recipe for Low Sodium French Dip- Different things to do with the meat – 86 mg sodium per cup

    • Recipe for Low Sodium Au Jus -33 Mg sodium for 4 cups Au Jus vs one pack McCormick at 3600 mg for 3 cups

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Corn Bread Muffins or a 12 serving pan of corn bread at 16 mg sodium per serving

    • vs. recipe on Corn Meal package at 199 to 204 per muffin or 2388 to 2448 mg per pan

  • Recipe for Corn Muffins at 16 mg or 31 mg each (your choice of ingredients) 

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Stuffing For Your Turkey at 31 mg sodium per cup vs Google search at 1100 per cup

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Chili with meat – 45  mg sodium per cup vs Google search from 880 mg to 1163 mg per cup

    • Recipe for Chili Powder Blend – (less than 5 mg sodium per Tablespoon) vs store bought chili powder at 240 mg per Tablespoon

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Sloppy Joes – Less than 300 mg with the bun – vs Google search showing 1520 mg to 4716 mg just for 1 cup / no bun

  • Recipe for Cream of Whatcha Making Soup – Potato, Mushroom, Chicken, etc.  Your choice – We can’t buy canned soups!!

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Beef Stew at 38 mg sodium per cup vs Google search for Beef Stew with Potatoes & carrots at 537 to 980 per cup

  • Recipe for Low Sodium Beef Stroganoff – 107 mg sodium per generous serving

    • Recipe for Beef Broth 10 mg sodium 1  1/2 cups vs store brand at 660 mg per 1  1/2 cups

  • Recipe for NO SODIUM – not greasy – great tasting french fries

  • Recipe for Steak Goulash – 49 mg sodium per cup plus 5 mg for egg noodles

Join me to learn how to manage your sodium, and create low sodium food your family and friends will love!

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Learn Low Sodium Cooking Recipes for 1 TO 20 People
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