Other Personal Development




Other Personal Development
$19.99 $14
Herhangi bir YDS kursunda sizlere öğretilen şeyler: Gramer bilgisi, taktikler, teknikler vs… şeklindedir. Ve sizlere haftalık 100 kelime ezbe...
9.5 total hours
Other Personal Development
Dip into the world of showbiz and learn how to take full control of your voice and the way you deliver words. The Voicemaster Voiceover course not ...
1 total hour
Other Personal Development
$69.99 $55
Hi, thank you for your interest in our 2 hour S.A.M.H.I. Chemically Speaking Two (Brief Intervention) training program.  This progra...
2 total hours
Other Personal Development
$119.99 $100
This is a detailed, practical course – with built-in tests to allow you to share your own knowledge. A series of art therapy exercises are di...
12 total hours
$119.99 $100