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Pastel de Nata – Portuguese custard tarts for all levels!

Bake Portugal's most iconic pastry with a 5th generation baker from Lisbon. With PRO tips for bakery level results!
João Batalha
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My award-winning recipe for authentic Portuguese Pastel de Nata (also known as Egg Tart or Custard Tart)
Puff pastry from scratch
Tricks and secrets to bake Pastel de Nata like professionals do (they aren't all the same!)
General tips for easy baking at home with incredible results
History and curiosities about Portuguese traditional pastries

Pastel de Nata is Portugal’s most famous sweet treat. Known as Egg Tart (dàntǎ) in Asia and Custard Tarts in many parts of the world, these flaky pastry treats are filled with smooth custard, and it’s hard to eat just one at a time. Following this course, you will understand what makes authentic Pastel de Nata different from variations of custard tarts or even egg tarts you might have tried outside Portugal.

We will cover all the steps in an easy to follow way, and I will show you the tricks to make your pastries as professional as those you’d find in pastry shops all over my country. We have tips for the dough and also little twists for the custard, to balance flavors and textures beautifully.

If you have tasted Pastel de Nata at a Portuguese bakery and you’d love to make some at home, this course will show you how to accomplish that. If you are a professional baker perhaps looking forward to serve genuine custard tarts in your establishment, you can also gather a lot of pro tips following this course! Obrigado!

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Pastel de Nata – Portuguese custard tarts for all levels!
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