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Français Intensif – Intensive French Intermediate Level

Dive Deeper into the French language.
use full, grammatically correct sentences
use tenses and moods correctly
apply the rules of the language to make an infinite number of utterances
talk about time and use all sorts of numerals
talk / write about the present, the past and the future
use compound sentences
use conditionals
report what others say or think
use the passive voice
compare people and things
modify your language by means of adverbs and other linguistic means
much more

Dive deeper into the realms of the French language. Familiarize yourself with more advanced grammatical structures and learn new vocabulary. In this course we’ll explore all the main areas of French grammar.

Discover How Fantastic the French Language Is and How Marvelous It Is To Use It Correctly.

  • French Tenses
  • The Passé Composé Tense
  • Simple Arithmetic
  • Ordinal Numbers, Fractions and Other Numerals
  • Date and Time
  • Deadjectival Adverbs
  • Position of Adjectives
  • Agreement of Adjectives and Nouns
  • Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs
  • The Imparfait Tense
  • Compound Nouns
  • Nominalization
  • Ways to Express the Future
  • The Futur Simple Tense
  • The Futur Antérieur Tense
  • The Plus-que-Parfait Tense
  • Indefinite Pronouns and Adjectives
  • Conditionals
  • The Subjunctive Mood
  • Coordination and Subordination of Clauses
  • Temporal Clauses
  • Causal Clauses
  • Final Clauses
  • Concessive Clauses
  • Consecutive Clauses
  • Reported Speech
  • Passive Voice
  • … and more

Become a Highly Skilled User of French – It’s All Well Within Your Reach.

French is definitely one of the most popular languages in the world. There’s a whole bunch of benefits to knowing French. Let me just mention a few. In our global society you can make use of it in business, becoming a more valuable worker, in private life, on vacation, chatting online, reading literature and press or watching satellite TV. In some parts of the world French is either the main language spoken or one of the main ones. And I could go on and on like that…

This is an intensive course, which means it covers quite a lot of stuff. The explanations are concise and clear. You should have no difficulty following and understanding them. A lot of stuff and a lot of practice.

Contents and Overview

This course is pretty comprehensive, but the language I use is simple and should be easily understood by everybody.

This course is divided into 14 sections, each of them covering a broad topic subdivided into lectures. The pace is up to you, you can go through the easier parts faster and then take more time to study the more sophisticated ones.

To help you memorize and practice all the new stuff, there are loads of exercises. Most lectures are accompanied by additional resources. These are downloadable files with exercises (with key). There also files with vocabulary revision and, first of all, the main text file containing the material covered in the lecture video.

After you finish each section, there’s a quiz for you that covers the material discussed in that section.

After you finish this course you will be able to use the French language comfortably and correctly, understanding all the underlying rules and thus able to generate any constructions you want, in both spoken and written language. You will be able to use simple, compound and complex sentences and you will know what word order should be used. You will know how the language works and you will get a good feel of it.

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Français Intensif – Intensive French Intermediate Level
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