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Language Learning
$99.99 $55
This video grammar course is based on the content indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for levels B1 and B2. But i...
8 total hours
Whatever your objective or level in French, mastering your french pronunciation is vital to communicate.  In this course, I cover the most importan...
2 total hours
Dive deeper into the realms of the French language. Familiarize yourself with more advanced grammatical structures and learn new vocabulary. In thi...
6.5 total hours
Language Learning
$139.99 $75
Are you interested in learning French Vocabulary?  This course contains at least 700 French words from various topics, from animals and numbers to ...
2 total hours
Ce test de pratique consiste en trois tests.  Toutes les questions sont des accords de participe passé pour les verbes pronominaux au passé. s...
81 questions
2 simple letters can cause a lot of confusion for Spanish learners: LO. This course will dive in to explain this short but super important Spanish ...
2 total hours
Est-ce que votre enfant apprend à lire en anglais ? Participez-vous à un combat que vous savez ne pas pouvoir gagner ?  Vous aimez votre enfant et ...
1 total hour